….because if you don’t ask, the answer is always NO…


Well, The Quiet Place is not a single place but many private homes that are spread out in the Finger Lakes region, primarily in the Bristol Hills and Naples, NY area. TQP headquarters is run out of our home in Webster, NY.

No! Each property is individually owned and only operates as a TQP getaway. This means that the owners do not live in them nor are they offered for vacation occupancies on any other vacation sites.

It may seem like a scavenger hunt…but it’s not! Email, call us, or complete the contact form to get up to date availability.

Once you book and are paid in full we will send you an email confirmation that will include the address to the property, along with directions to the home (bring them with you, as you can’t count on cell coverage or GPS in the woods), and how to enter the home. If you need more detailed information prior to booking, email or call us and we can help you map out your stay.

Well, here at TQP headquarters, we take reservations like it’s 1958. So again, call or email us and we will ‘pencil’ you in for the dates and property (assuming it’s available - most likely, we have already passed that step). If you have stayed before, we just make sure your info is up to date and email you reservation and payment details. If you have not stayed before, we will need a little more info and will definitely want to connect with you regarding your first visit to The Quiet Place.

If you like to stick with some of TQP's original practices, we do accept personal check, cashier’s check, or money order (made payable to the property owner of your reserved TQP getaway and mailed to us - info is provided in your reservation details email). We do also accept mobile payment of VENMO or Zelle...and...guess what?! We have officially started accepting Credit Cards (fees do apply)! Just let us know your preferred payment option, and we will include it in your reservation details!

There is nothing hidden at The Quiet Place, except our homes! We like to keep it simple. We do not add any additional cleaning/booking fees or sales tax. There are some properties that have an additional county occupancy tax (just 3-4%), which is listed on the property pages.

Yes. All of our rates, no matter the size of the property, are based on booking for 2 guests. If you are traveling with a larger group, each additional guest (over 2 people) costs $50.00/per person/per night. Our larger homes can accommodate up to 6 guests and cost a great deal more to run. More guests = more wear and tear on the home = more cleaning and maintenance = more cost to the homeowner. If we were to set our rates based on the size of the home, our rates would be significantly higher and not nearly as affordable for a couples getaway.

Of course! But…keep in mind that our properties are individually owned, therefore the homeowner has the right to lock additional bedrooms or portions of the home that are not anticipated to be in use. This is done to keep cleaning and laundry costs down (particularly during the pandemic) but it also discourages guests from inviting all of their friends and family over to be ‘quiet’ that are not on the reservation. As much as we pride ourselves on accommodating our guests and want you to feel at home, we also have to protect the interest of our homeowners and their property.

Here at The Quiet Place, as much as we love our fur babies (we have one!), our homes are not designed for animals, and we adhere to this for a number of reasons. First and foremost, there are a number of hazards on each property (ponds, hot tubs, woods, streams, fires, etc) that would not be safe for 4 legged friends to explore. And let’s be honest pets are not particularly quiet…don’t forget we have one - so we know! The funny thing is, when we first inquired about booking a stay at The Quiet Place prior to taking over, we wanted to get away with our young son and our new puppy. We didn’t really get why this ‘policy’ existed but the more we get to know our guests and find out why they need The Quiet Place, the more we realize that families need something for themselves. A place where they can truly get away from it all - including the pets!

Here comes another truth…since our homes are not lived in, there are never pets that live in the homes. Therefore out of respect for the other guests, we do not allow pets in the homes in order to limit allergens.

In all honesty, yes, so it never hurts to ask. But please remember, all of our properties are individually owned, so even if we think it’s a good idea to bend the rules, we will also need the permission of the property owner...and additional rates may apply.

Well…this question is even hard for us to answer. Since we are a family run business working out of our home, we try to be flexible and responsive to our guests. However, since we are a family run business working out of our home, we also need to be flexible and responsive to our family. We know we are blessed to have this opportunity but it doesn’t come without having to juggle a few things. Even though we are The Quiet Place, our lives are anything but quiet.
But since you asked, let’s try this as a rule of thumb:

Phone hours: 9am – 6pm – we may not always be able to answer but leave a message! We will always try to get back to you within 24 hours, so if you get a call from Bloomfield, NY – it’s not spam – just The Quiet Place returning your call!

Email: 24 hours of course...which means you very well may receive a late night email from us when it is actually quiet.

While you are staying at one of our properties, you will have the contact information of the property owner. Best to call or text them first (as they are the experts of their own home). If there is a problem or you haven’t gotten a response, please contact us too. If it requires an immediate response, TEXT us at (585) 657-4643.

Since it is The Quiet Place, you don’t actually have to check-in with anyone in person. Once you are paid in full, you will receive directions to the home and how to let yourself in (don’t forget to print a copy just in case…remember cell service is not always your friend in the woods). There will be a TQP welcome book with everything you need to know for your stay. The only thing left is to make yourself at home and enjoy the peace and quiet!

To keep it simple, we ask all of our guests to leave things neat and tidy, just as you found them. With that said, we do hope that you enjoyed all of the amenities your TQP getaway had to offer, so this does not mean you have to do any laundry or dance with the vacuum but it does mean do your dishes and pick up after yourself. Since each home is individually owned, make sure to double check if there are specific procedures for that home. Since we do not charge an additional cleaning fee, it really makes a difference for our owners!

We get it…accidents happen, even when being quiet! It is truly appreciated if you let the homeowner or us know so that we can address it right away. We would hate to miss something, only for the next guests to discover it. Often times these things are easily resolved – if we know about them. Again, we like to keep things simple and do not charge a security deposit, which means our homeowners are responsible for making sure the homes are up to par for every guest. Please be considerate and respectful…simple as that!


Check-in time is after 3 pm and Check-out by 11 am.


For reservations, up to date availability, or more detailed information, call us by phone at 585-657-4643, or write to us via email anytime by filling out the short form on our contact page. We look forward to booking your Finger Lakes stay at The Quiet Place Getaways.